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Temple Wind Flutes

Sacred Heart Flute (Quad Drone Flute)

Sacred Heart Flute (Quad Drone Flute)

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The Sacred Heart Flute is available by special order only. The current wait time is 3-4 months.

The Sacred heart flute is a magical heart opening instrument. Like the human heart, this flute has four chambers. One Chamber plays the melody, while the other three play a different harmony. This is a deeply magical flute, and sings the song of another world.It is designed with an ergonomic mouthpiece so each chamber can be played individually, or in combination with one, two, or all three drones.

Tuned to a minor pentatonic scale, this flute has a mystical haunting quality. Combined with the different drones, it is capable of an incredible diversity of sound, making it a versatile and totally unique addition to your collection.

Available to order in the key of G, F#, F, E.

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